February 08: Light Seven Lamps for Ruskin’s Birthday

2016/02/08 § Leave a comment

On this day in 1819 John Ruskin was born.

Ruskin wrote great books like this one (which is great, but a long haul) and  this one (which is great straight through) and this one (which needs a little editing) and this one (which is the best part of the latter). He had a great eye for art and celebrated this old painter and these youngsters (but had a troubled interlude with this one).  He could also really paint and really draw.  He cultivated impressive whiskers and could tie a cravat.  Speculations about his personal life are unimportant in the recognition of his monumental professional contributions.  Indeed, Ruskin’s star should rise in the firmament of aesthetic thinkers and writers to a kind of beatified status.  Let us pray.

Hail Ruskin, full of grace, the Truth is with thee;
blessed art thou amongst writers,
and blessed is the fruit of thy pen (
especially the “Seven Lamps of Architecture)”.
Blessed Ruskin, Father of Sacrifice, Truth, Power, Beauty, Life, Memory, and Obedience,
pray for our sins of Egoism, Falsehood, Meanness, Ugliness, Technophilia, Forgetfulness, and Capriciousness,
at the hour of architecture’s death.

image: “John Ruskin in His Study” by William Gershom Collingwood (1881)


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