December 18: very, very, very, very, VERY old rocks

2012/12/18 § 3 Comments


On this day in 2011 geologists from the University of Leicester and the National Museum of Wales announced the discovery of the exact source of the rock used to create Stonehenge’s first stone circle.


What you MUST know NOW: it’s from an outcrop called Craig Rhos-y-Felin (oddly, also the name of a new actor coming on for the upcoming season of Downton Abbey).  It’s located near Pont Saeson in north Pembrokeshire, if you’re keeping track, or making travel plans.  Read all about it right here.

This kind of thing is very, very important to some people–perhaps, people who are running out of tales to spin about mute prehistoric monuments (and who have not found their way to the wonderful historic world).  Imagine Oprah’s car give-away–but with geologists!  The mind boggles.

Image: rocks–sorry, we mean monoliths, or trilithons, or whatever, they are very old and very special (Clio’s); see more on the wacky world of geology here


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§ 3 Responses to December 18: very, very, very, very, VERY old rocks

  • Susan Barsy says:

    Stick around long enough and you will learn everything there is to know through Clio’s column. I had never heard of Oprah’s car give-away. Thank you for that video.

    She deserves a monument. Maybe something spiffier than Stonehenge, though

    • Clio says:

      The Muse can excuse an Episcopalian unaware of every single feast day on the liturgical calendar. But a soi-disant Chicagoan oblivious to such a famous event in the life of O? For shame!

      • Susan Barsy says:

        I think this U-Chicagoan may have been writing a dissertation that day.

        Which, O Clio, brings to mind that old query: Which would you rather be, lucky or smart?

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